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Success Stories

These beautiful families trusted me to guide them through their infertility journey's, they have amazing stories to share. 

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When we began the IVF journey, it was my plan to keep it quiet because I was ashamed and embarrassed. Only a few people knew about us beginning this journey.  I was disappointed because my body could not perform the one ordinated function that the Lord gave to women. 

When I shared my story with Mikka, she quickly came to my aid, and instantly she became my rock.  She was transparent by sharing her IVF journey with me.  She first, helped me by removing the shame and feeling comfortable about my infertility. 
Mikka was available every step of my journey.  She prepared me for every medical appointment, made sure I knew what to expect.  The amazing part about Mikka, she was willing to share her resources. I remember calling/texting her when I was afraid to administer the injections. She gave me and my husband advice on how to stay calm and shared tips on how my husband can help with my injections.  

At the age of 40, I had two beautiful healthy twin boys. Mikka accepted God’s assignment, and she became my IVF advocate.  Words or materials can not express how grateful I am to Mikka. She removed the shame and she partnered with me during my IVF journey.  I will always be indebted to Mikka and her continuous support and advocacy during the conception and delivery of our boys. 

Thank you Mikka

- A. Burton

Though we realize life in reality has many struggles sometimes we just don't know how to face them. Our process of conception was frustrating to say the least. I didn't understand why this was happening to me and my wife, while there was no medical reason. At one point I lost faith and was ready to give up.

Then a collegue suggested I have a one-on-one conversation with Mikka. This conversation changed my perspective. Mikka shared her experience on what she had gone through and was still dealing with at the time. It gave me a fresh perspective and recharged my faith after hearing her story and how she perservered in her most difficult times during the IVF & birth process. She was inspiring, always remained positive and would always check in with me irrespective of what she herself was going through. Her actions helped change how I thought and felt which changed my life for good.

Sometimes all you need is a genuine person to talk to. If you need one, I strongly encourage talking to Mikka. She is full of inspiration, supportive in everyway with compassion and empathy.
- Kamal & Kanchana S

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My husband and I decided to try IVF after several years of struggling with infertility. While our doctor was knowledgeable about the medical and procedural aspects of the process, I wanted to talk with someone who had firsthand experience with the infertility journey.   Mikka shared her story with me, answered all of my concerns, and helped me set reasonable expectations for my first transfer. I am grateful for her wise remarks, which assisted me in navigating four transfers. I now have a three-year-old son. 

- Shara Hutchinson

God knows exactly what you need and he sent Mikka Phillips Abbington. She gave me a set of instructions, something to focus on while my daughter continued to develop in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I went home on 2/23 without #Ejoy but my instructions from Mikka were clear. My work as a mom has begun. I was on task. I had an assignment and it was my job to get her home. I went back to my “job job” virtually. The work gave me something to do, so I wouldn’t miss her so much.

Mikka advised to have toys and books to make the unit feel like her home. She also directed me to be aware of the energy of #Ejoy's nurses and make sure they fit what #EJoy needed and not to be afraid to say when someone shouldn’t be around her. I am happy that I only had to do that twice. I am so glad I focused on her and not the calendar even though that is the only question any one ask - when is she coming home. My answer - She has to get bigger - we celebrated every pound. Her lungs had to get stronger. Mikka cautioned me that there would be days  #Ejoy makes big strides and other days when progress may seem stagnant. It was a marathon/roller coaster and there may be ups and downs in the process. That was the biggest truth that I needed to know was normal. We would celebrate. We would have a set back. We would celebrate. We would have a set back. We were on our way home twice to be sent back to the high care unit.

We traveled 20 miles round trip, twice a day, for two hour visits each time to see my daughter at the “daycare” for 128 days. Thirty five days past her due date. Concentrate on getting her well. Thank you Mikka for sharing your experience with me, as it gave me perspective for my NICU journey!

- Michelle Gipson

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